New Hamphire Seacoast

Where do I begin? Perhaps I should begin with the fact that I had NO IDEA just how much your Real Estate agent does… in general… and… FOR YOU! We did not seek out this team or Shevaun Bayley, instead… due to special, unforeseen circumstances, they/SHE fell into our laps… THANK THE HEAVENS! We could not have received better service from anyone else. Truly! The amount of paperwork, the NUMEROUS times we needed access to the new home prior to closing, alllll of the questions, EVERYTHING… she was and is a dream to work with. I hope to live in our new home for a very, VERY long time… but if the day ever comes that it’s time to move on, my first call will be to Shevaun… NO DOUBT! She’s… THE BEST!!!

02/08/2016 –
Bought a Condo home in December 2015 in Hampton Falls, NH.


Shevaun Bayley     Licensed in MA & NH

Shevaun Bayley Licensed in MA & NH

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